Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Easter for Caden

Today was Caden's due date, and it wasnt as hard as I thought it might be.
We went to the memorial park to ‘see’ Caden and pick up the papers for his plaque. I wasn’t sad at all being there. There is a new child buried next to Caden now. And I think there are two more that have just been buried (no marker yet). Caden has a little white nametag thing now – but they misspelt Richards! I want to make another tag to stick over the top to look nicer. It’ll take up to another 6 weeks to get the plaque and before they even order it I have to do the order, they do up a proof, I have to approve the proof and then they send it off and from then it takes 4-6weeks to get the plaque.

I arranged his little pastel chickens around his marker, and sat his little bunny up against it. I was only doing it to take photos because it’s going to rain tomorrow, and I wanted to put the bunny in his memory box. But after I’d taken the photos I just couldn’t picture taking it away from him!

So when we left we went to 4 different stores trying to track down another one to make sure I have one for his memory box. We couldn’t find either the pastel chicks or the bunnies anywhere! I believe he sent them to me on purpose. It was the only bunny there when I bought it in a pile of big ducks. So we couldn’t find any but Im hoping it will still be okay when I go to get it, when I replace it with something else. I also put a butterfly sticker on his marker to pretty it up a little (lucky we had bought that pony today and it had stickers in it!). Kim put a yellow chick in the tree as well - a daredevil chicky out on a branch!

I attached some photos of the children’s garden where he is buried. It’s the prettiest place in the whole cemetery. The memorial park (cemetery) is a lawn cemetery. It was the first of its kind in Australia. Its so peaceful, just like a park. There are plaques set into the ground on each site but when you look across the rolling hills all you see is grass, trees, and flowers. No headstones etc. The children’s garden is enclosed in a circle of plum trees and has a rose garden in the middle. Its all protected and lovely. We can put any toys or windchimes, windmills etc in the trees and gardens. I love it. He couldn’t be in a better place.


Kayleigh said...

Caden is so amazingly beautiful.

I found your site through your signature on BBC and knew I had to have a look and see your son and read your story.

I don't care who/what you believe in (I'm agnostic myself), you two are so very blessed to be given a perfect angel. I only wish there was something I could say or do to ease the pain - but I know that nothing is ever really enough.

You are two very special, amazing women. I hope you all the best in the future. Your love for each other is a wonderful thing and it's what will keep you strong.

Dallas said...

I also found your blog from your BBC signature. I am terribly sorry for your loss, but you have a beautiful Angel watching over you and your family. Good luck to you all in the future.

Kristi said...

Happy Due Date Sweet Caden! The "garden" as my 4 year old prefers to call it, is simply beautiful. I am so glad that today didn't wreck you like you had expected. (((Hugs))) across the oceans!

Jack's Mommy said...

Brooke (and Kim) - I love what you did for Caden for Easter. You know I think of both of you every day. Caden (and Rory) are blessed to have parents like you. All my love,

Ashleigh said...

Caden is beautiful. Thank you for sharing him and your story.

Thinking of you as you begin this journey............

Beth from Rainbow Conceptions said...

It looks so peaceful there. Thank you for sharing the photos. Thinking of you guys today.

Becky said...

What a gorgeous park. It's a beautiful place to honor your beautiful boy. He is just so shockingly beautiful.

Lissa Lane said...

I'm so glad that you have somewhere you can go and decorate for Caden. I know personally it makes the world of difference


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