Friday, September 19, 2008

Best excuse for not blogging...

Hello all :)
Well its been a hell of a week out here...I wasnt able to get the photos up because on Monday one of my remaining wisdom teeth started to hurt.
By Tuesday it was infected.
By Wednesday I was screaming in pain.
By early Thursday morning I was in the ER because the swelling spread to my throat!
So I had oral surgery yesterday - and I tell you what - I feel so much better today. Im still in a lot of pain but nothing compared to Wednesday. I tell you, Ive given birth twice - and this was WORSE.

I still didnt sleep much last night but compared to the 40 minutes I got on Wednesday - well, I feel almost human again. This afternoon I was able to start talking again, but I still can only open my mouth 1cm so gettting food in is an issue - havent really eaten since Tuesday!

So I did have a good excuse :)
Photos to come...

Monday, September 15, 2008

6 months + 19 days

So I've been a bad blogger.
I haven't actually been online at all in weeks.
Aside from checking my emails, I've just taken somewhat of a hiatus. Not one I'm entirely happy with, I desperately miss my online community of support, but there are some things going on in my life right now that I'm not entirely comfortable discussing in 'public arenas' such as my blog, or message boards, so I've just been keeping quiet.

I did end up going out to visit Caden on his 6 months.
I wanted to be there for 14:41 - the time he was born, but at that exact moment I was driving there and actually, swearing at a car for cutting me off!
I got 6 balloons in his colours (orange and blue) and wrote some messages for him. I think I wrote a little too much on one of them as it exploded in my hands...I lay with him for awhile, then sent up his balloons.

It was the strangest thing, as I walked into the Children's Garden I got this strong smell, and it was JUST like he smelled on the second day after he was born (I think it was the laundry detergent they used to wash his gown and blanket overnight)
As I was walking out I had the same smell.
So I climbed into the garden and sniffed the blossom trees at the entrance. It was like smelling Caden. I still can't get over just how much it smelled like him. I did a naughty thing and broke off a small branch to take home for Kim (and to sniff on the way home)
Makes me sound a little insane doesn't it?

I have photos at home, will post them tonight.

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