Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Creme de la Creme/New Space

Hello again my dear friends and readers. I signed in to this account today to submit my creme de la creme 2009 entry...and in looking at it...I only wrote fourteen entries in the entire year last year. Two of which were responses to anonymous comments! There is nothing I can choose from this year that I am particularly proud of, or that were particularly deep. It's quite peculiar looking at it - that an entire year passed me by in the blink of an eye, and without much musing on my little lost one.

How very odd. And a little disappointing.

p.s. I know many of you have found me already in my new space, but if you would like to follow me and haven't yet rediscovered me, shoot me an email at silly little giraffe at gmail dot com (no spaces) and I will send you in the right direction :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

For all of you who supported me over the past nearly two years (two years?? its so fucking wierd to think it has been two years...) thankyou.

Thankyou to those of you who came over from BBC to read my story. For telling me how i opened your eyes to the world of stillbirth.

Thankyou to those of you who are part of the beloved DBM (deadbabymafia) who came to support me and validate me - that I am not insane...

Thankyou to those who came back time after time and mourned Caden's loss with me, raged against the vandals at the cemetary and rejoiced when LB joined us (he's doing well btw)

I'm not leaving this blog...but I am moving on.

The loss of Caden does not occupy my mind the way it once did. I feel like I have said all the things I need to say, I feel like it is time to move on. When my grief was so raw, the pain so intense, this was a lifeline. I came here to pour my soul onto the screen and work through my grief the only way I knew how...through my words. And through your words I got what I needed. I got a friendly ear listening to my rambling. I got words of love and of support, where I received none IRL.

So I say a huge thankyou, and assure you that I will be back with updates intermittently. But I am moving onto a new blog - that will encompass every area of my life - where this one has always been, and will always be my special little place for Caden.

I would love to list individually all the people who I have met on this special journey and who touched me. But to be honest I went from one blog to another to another and there were so many...so many people who touched my heart. You will always be special to me and I will always remember you all, and your precious little babies gone too soon.


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