Thursday, July 2, 2009

Please Vote

In memory of Caden, please go to and vote to help the Stillbirth Foundation. It takes about 10 seconds to do, but if they win, the Stillbirth Foundation will be able to fund more valuable and desperately needed research into why so many babies continue to be stillborn each year.

Please forward this to anyone you's free, it takes less than a minute, and you could be helping save hundreds of babies like Caden in the future.

Dear Stillbirth Foundation Australia supporters,

Canon have created a website entitled “Creative for a Cause” on which photographers can load photographs that depict a cause Australians are passionate about. The general public is then able to vote for their favourite photograph, and the one with the highest number of votes is the winner. Canon will then donate $60,000 to the charity nominated by the winning photographer.

The wonderful Belinda Pratten of Freeswimmers has entered a beautiful photograph entitled “Humpback Frolic” and very kindly nominated the Stillbirth Foundation Australia as the charity should her photograph win. Belinda has creatively and cleverly highlighted two very important causes through this photograph, that of whales and stillborn babies, the first recognised and the latter less so. The Stillbirth Foundation Australia would like to ask you to please do two things which will only take a couple of minutes of your time:

1. Follow the below link to the photograph (there may be a small delay as the photograph loads) and select “VOTE” on the bottom right of the screen. You will be asked to verify some letters and for your email address. Please know that Canon use this email address only to ensure that one vote is placed per email address, not for marketing purposes. So, if you have more than one email address, please nominate our photo with each address!

2. Then, please forward this email to as many friends and family and associates as you can. We need as many votes as we can get, and we would love you to use this fabulous electronic web of communication to spread our cause and our need for votes as far as possible.

Remember, if “Humpback Frolic” is the most popular photograph, the Stillbirth Foundation Australia wins $60,000! This amount of money can make a significant difference to reducing the numbers of babies delivered stillborn in Australia through either funding two years of a PhD project or an entire research project – thus providing us with valuable information and the ability to ultimately save babies’ lives. And, all it takes from you is a couple of clicks and a few moments of your time. Please help!

Thank you for your continued support.

Kind Regards,


Melinda Hickin

Office Manager

Stillbirth Foundation Australia


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