Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Dear Anonymous (dont you love these entries??)

Dear Anonymous (dont you love these entries??)

You said "You cant be serious? Bringing fetal remains into your house.. You must be very upset of course, but that would be prohibited by law i believe.. My science teacher friend lost her baby @ 14 weeks and she had it bottled in formalehyde. At least he was safe there in the house. Yeah, its messed up how ppl do evil things.."

Let me stop laughing before I continue.

Ahem. First off - you are a fucking idiot.
Thats mostly all I need to say...but I'll continue.

I do not plan on digging him up and bringing his remains home. Ever heard of cremation? Its this newfangled thing they've been doing for centuries. We will be having him exhumed and cremated.

In case you are too stupid to understand, this is somewhat different to "bottling up" a baby in formaldehyde.
PS are you freaking serious?

Don't come back now.


loribeth said...

Anonymous is an idiot.

Some people we knew through our support group had buried their baby daughter, in the same cemetery where our daughter's ashes are interred. He got a great job offer in San Franscisco, & they were torn up about leaving her behind. So that's exactly what they did -- they had her body exhumed, cremated, & took her with them. They kept the plot & marker in the cemetery, in the event that they eventually return to Canada.

(((hugs))) I hope this solution brings you some peace.

N said...


I just... don't understand people in the least. ♥

Radar's Mom said...

The internet is good when it brings people together, facilitates networks that would otherwise be impossible and allows for access to massive amounts of information.

The internet is bad when it allows dumb-fuck cowards to hide behind their anonymity and say whatever stupid, hurtful things they want to say.

The charitable thing to do though, is to feel pity for poor Anonymous who's brain is clearly sitting in a jar of formaldehyde beside his computer... poor thing!

Kristi said...

I'm so glad I'm not "anonymous"... I don't know how warped anyone would have to be to assume what they did. Of course you'd have him exhumed and cremated. Well, I must be in a good mood today because I almost found that amusing. Ah, big hugs across the ocean my friend!

Jen said...

I just came across your blog and all I can say is WOW..are people seriously "saying" this to you?!!? how insensitive and just sick?!! I also read your march post.. the fact that this is happening to your babies resting place is sickening..people who criticize you like this.. if befuddles me.. I am so sorry you are going through all of this.. I would move my daughter too if this was happening..most definitely would not bring her home in a

K77 said...

Wow. Some people are just arseholes huh.

MTGrace said...

What the hell is wrong with people? Both the one who said that to you, AND someone who would bottle their baby!!! Like something you would see in a science class! Just sick!!

Anne Marie

ClownMomma said...

what an asshat! i'm glad you have found something that will bring you peace. I am glad you are bringing him home.

SadMommy3434 said...

Little Miss Hopeful, I don't know how else to get in touch with you. I wanted you to know that I remember Caden today. If you would like go to my blog and you can see for yourself. I hope today is peaceful for you, K, R, and E.

switch0457 said...

I just found Cadens blog.And when i read what was said to you i almost fliped out.What the hell is wrong with that woman.I dont blame you for wanting to bring him home.I would too!I hope that all goes well with that.And it is very disturbing that anyone would steal from an angel baby.Or anyone as far as that goes sweetie.I pray everyday and night for you,Kim and the boys.And i do light a candle for Caden every night.I will never forget him or you and your family.You have touched my heart like no other.I hold you close to my heart as i do Caden.Brooke i send you so many loving hugs honey.I know this road called greif is such a long and painful one.Please email me,PLEASE Here is my addy: I miss you dearly!! I miss talking with you.And when my cancer came back and i was doing chemo.It changed me in somany bad ways.Which i found out can happen.I just want the chance to talk with you and this way if anything was said.I could at least say something on my be half.KWIM??? I love you lady and i wish you and that awesome wonderful family a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND A NEW YEAR FILLED WITH PEACE IN YOUR HEARTS AND A BIT OF HAPPINESS TOO! God bless you all and may the Lord keep you all safe too.
Loving Hugs to Everyone in your loving home
Linda (angel mom of 4)


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