Wednesday, September 9, 2009


Thanks for your comments on my last entry.
For the record, it is NOT the cemetary removing things.

It is their policy NEVER to remove ANYTHING from the children's garden. They confirmed to me on Monday that nothing had ever been removed by their staff and that it is vandals and disgusting criminals stealing from babies' graves.

I know you meant well but I hate hearing over and over "oh it was probably the cemetary staff". It makes it feel like people are minimising how disturbing, distressing and disgusting the whole thing is. It is GRAVEROBBING, people.

We have a plan, and Caden will not be in that awful place much longer, the place that was supposed to be his peaceful eternal resting place but has become a fearful, scary place.

We are bringing him home.


SadMommy3434 said...

(((HUGS))) Brooke!! I am so sorry Caden can't even rest in peace because of those VANDALS. I know that you will feel better once he's at home with you.

Radar's Mom said...

Late last year, when I was about 7 months pregnant with my son, I went to visit my grandmother up in Maine. There is a cemetary near her house where an old friend of hers is buried, so my brother and I went to visit his grave. We didn't know where he was buried, so we had to look around to find it.

That's when I ran across a very sad one. It was of an infant that had died after just a few days back in the early 1990's. Nearly 20 years later, this little girl had not been forgotten. There was a weather worn teddy bear, silk flowers and a few little toys that had been left there probably a few months before.

A little girl that had lived just a few days had touched her family's hearts forever. Those of us who have loved and lost know that the loss does not EVER erase the love. And she was safe at this site. No one touched the worn teddy bear, even though it was pretty beat up. No one moved the little toys, even though they were a bit sunken into the soil. And no one bothered the silk flowers that someone had loving placed on this sweet angel's grave.

That's just my way of agreeing with you. Do what you need to do to give Caden a safe resting place. I'm so sorry that there are people that don't give a second thought to trampling on an already broken heart. It's just wrong!

Warm hugs,

Aunt Becky said...

I would do the same thing. I feel sick thinking about someone stealing baby Caden's stuff. I'm sorry.

ReesesMom said...

Brooke, The whole things disgusts me. WTH is wrong with people. WE still have not buries Hannah's ashes though that is our intention. We plan to put her with my Grandmother who died in April. But I am just not fact it has been a little over two weeks and because I still cannot drive we still have not picked her up and it is maddening. I am so glad Caden will soon be with you and I hope that gives ALL of you some peace! Love, Heather

Kristi said...

Oh B, I'm glad to hear that, really. I hope this brings you some of the peace that you are searching for.

sacredandscarred said...

I'm glad Caden will be safe with you soon.

Anonymous said...

You cant be serious? Bringing fetal remains into your house.. You must be very upset of course, but that would be prohibited by law i believe.. My science teacher friend lost her baby @ 14 weeks and she had it bottled in formalehyde. At least he was safe there in the house. Yeah, its messed up how ppl do evil things..


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