Tuesday, March 3, 2009


The day came and went without being anything other than just another day.
Some flowers arrived from K's parents and her sister.
A package arrived from Jamie & Luisa (loved it btw)
One text message from my very best friend.

I did not make it out to the cemetary at all.
We chose not to.

Apparently this does not sit well with certain people who can kiss my ass.
No I did not make it out there.
No we did not take him cake and balloons.
Yes we do feel mildly guilty.
Is it any of your business? NO.

We will head out there in a week or so. I just couldn't bring myself to face it last week so I chose not to. That is my perogative. Get off my ass.


Kristi said...

Sounds, pretty much, like our "big day" last week. Love you! And it is SOOOOO your perogative have done what you needed for YOU.

k@lakly said...

You have to do what is right for you. Absolutely.
Thinking of you and remembering quietly with you.

sacredandscarred said...

Thinking of you.

N said...

Totally your own decision and right, and eff anybody giving you grief over it. *hugs* Thinking of you.

G$ said...

I love how people have opinions on the "right way to grieve" while we are in the shit of it. And then have the balls to have an opinion on how we honor our children a year later. Fuck em all. It's such a personal thing, simply thinking of him a little on that day is enough if that is what YOU choose that day.

Much love hun. Thinking of you.

Aunt Becky said...


I'm sorry that anyone else thinks that they know the best way for you to grieve. That's total BS.

c. said...

You do what you can do. And that is all that people can really expect from us.

Thinking of you and Caden.

Families of Angels said...

I'm trying to give back to help other families who have just lost a child, please read about it on a page dedicated to it...


Anonymous said...

whatever. what quality of life do you think that your son would have had if he lived? You have every right to grieve and tell people to kiss your ass. Get pissed at the cemetary and every person whom you feel is not doing enough to hold your hand. Not everyone is wrong and not everyone is his mother. You can't be pissed at the world because it didn't stop the day you buried your son. Only YOUR world did. And those closest to you. The rest of our city...the sun continues to rise. I hope you are finding peace these days. I know you probably don't care what anyone else cares. That's okay. I'm not losing any sleep.


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