Monday, March 23, 2009

Comments on my last post.

"whatever. what quality of life do you think that your son would have had if he lived? You have every right to grieve and tell people to kiss your ass. Get pissed at the cemetary and every person whom you feel is not doing enough to hold your hand. Not everyone is wrong and not everyone is his mother. You can't be pissed at the world because it didn't stop the day you buried your son. Only YOUR world did. And those closest to you. The rest of our city...the sun continues to rise. I hope you are finding peace these days. I know you probably don't care what anyone else cares. That's okay. I'm not losing any sleep." - Anonymous


No really. What?
First off what did I do to deserve this?
Secondly, who the hell are you and do I know you?
Thirdly, have the BALLS to leave your name next time.
Lastly, Honestly, your rant made no sense. Please explain it to me??

I'm at a loss how to feel about this. My first reaction was pure nausea. Just made me feel ill to see someone spew forth such vindictive drivel.

My second reaction, I'm ashamed to say, was to think of a person I know who may have said this. Honestly, I would have thought no-one I know could be so cruel, but I've been surprised before.

I know most people have had an "Anonymous" experience on these sites...but I've been lucky so far to avoid it. Until now.

Honestly...what the hell???


Hope's Mama said...

I don't think I have commented here before, so I'm delurking to say that just made my blood boil. Even if someone could THINK that, keep it to your damn self. I'm so sorry someone could stoop so low.
This is another reminder why I don't allow anonymous comments on my page.
Easier said than done, but try not to let this get to you.

Kristi said...

OK... I had a whole bunch of venting (on your behalf) drivel written out. Obviously, I deleted it. Just know I'm thinking of you... and now I'm really mad for you. ((hugs)) and spread some of them around your home too =)

N said...

Obviously, that person has never lost somebody close to them. Or, if they have, are cold and heartless. Ugh.


G$ said...

Dear Anonymous - Eat my ass. Kk thx bye.

How miserable does a person have to be to write that on a blog like this? Ridiculous.

Sorry hun.

k@lakly said...

You know you can link back to the URL the anon poster left when they commented and find out EXACTLY who they are, right?

Dear are nothing more than a coward who hides behind an imagined veil to spew words of hurt and your total lack of compassion for another persons grief. What a pathetic and worthless thing to do. I'd say more but your life isn't worth my time. I wonder if the sun will stop shining on anyones world when YOU die. I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

I am so sorry. That came out of immense anger and frustration that I have over my own personal situation. I have no one who I feels that understands me and I had no right to skim over your private postings and leave what I just read and can't believe it. I really did not mean for it to sound the way it did. That is no excuse. I found your blog by accident and will stay off of it. You're readers are correct...I am miserable. Hopefully things will change for me and I hope you truly
have a good day, despit the ignorant bullshit. You did nothing to deserve that.

Aunt Becky said...

Ugh. I get these from time to time, but usually only on the posts where I have some emotion attached. And. Just. Ugh.

Sorry it happened to you, too.

c. said...

Where do these assholes find you? I'm so sorry, hon.

The Redheaded Lefty said...

That is terrible. I'm so sorry. Shocking, really.

Henry's Mom said...

I've been following since I first saw you on BBC and now I read your blog.

My mouth fell open when I read that comment. People never cease to surprise me with their selfishness, ignorance and complete disregard for others feeling. What an ass that person is. I hope they leave you alone; it goes without saying that you don't deserve any of that.

Brendan and Brenna's Mom said...

I read and re-read that comment and I have to tell you it makes no sense. One sentence is positive, the other attacking. It's like a schitzoprenic wrote it.

I also read the next comment they wrote. I'm sorry. I lost my child also, and that is NO EXCUSE to leave comments like that on another mother's blog. Get your head out of your ass Anonymous. Maybe you need to see a therapist.

angie said...

just absolutely terrible. just the ranting thoughts of one very effed up individual. just wanted to send you my love, and flame that jackass.

Tristansmommy said...

Brooke I'm so very sorry that someone would cowardly come in here and leave such vile words!! And then come back with an apology that sounds as fake as my nails!! Anonymous whom ever you are, I agree with a pp that you seriously need therapy I will be praying for you!!

Lissa Lane said...

WTF!! What kind of rude PILLOCK said that!!! Real brave hiding behind Anonymity. Damn Bastard.

Huni forget that fucker. Just forget him/her/it! Not worth your time

Nicole said...

Sounds like the same jerk who left several hurtful comments on my blog about my son who died.

I am sorry you were a victim as well. ((HUGS))

MFA Mama said...

I found your blog nearly a year ago and read about sweet baby Caden, and just came over again from Aunt Becky's place and WOW...there are no words. I just wanted to delurk and remind you that for every anonymous arsehole on the Internet, there are just as many of us moved by your words, your baby's beautiful little face, and your love for him, who wish you only the best. Be well.

Sam & Kris said...

Beyond rude, I'm so sorry someone was so inappropriate on your blog.

Ange said...

I am so shocked to read such cruel drivel. My mouth just dropped open as reading. Unbelievable. This should be a safe place and I am so sorry that it has been violated but a total tool.

Lea said...

I don't think that I have posted here.... but OMG! My blood is boiling too. Anon has no clue.

I am sorry

Marie said...

I am new to your poignant blog and find it so moving.

I think the comment you cite is a painful reminder that this is the Internet and not everyone out there is...well, not everyone out there is as healthy as we may like. It is frightening and upsetting when someone breaks through that image we have of cozy kindred spirits reading our blogs.

That was my first thought. This was someone who was very, very broken and possibly impaired in some way while writing it. The comment doesn't make much sense, does it? It rambles and contradicts itself.

But I think the person who wrote it didn't intend for it to be as infuriating and hateful as it seems initially. And the second comment just breaks my heart.

I can only imagine the buttons that those words pushed on you. Hang in there and, if you can, try not to let it bother you too much. This person is clearly someone who needs our pity and our prayers.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Mirna said...

I nominated you for an award~ go to my blog to check it out.
Hugs to you.

Anonymous said...

Ive lurked anonymously here and Im so very sorry anyone leaves such an awful comment for you. For every hundred people out there 99.9 would never dream of being so unkind or mean. Ive commented anonymously simply to have someone of the name anonymous say a kind word instead of such hurtful stuff. Please consider not accepting any anonymous comments any more. Best wishes for a happy future

switch0457 said...

Oh Brooke what you have been thru.It wasnt bad enough to lose sweet Caden.But then to have some sick woman say those things to you.IM SO SORRY HONEY!I miss seeing his little beautiful face.I miss him too!Loving hugs my dear!


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