Sunday, December 7, 2008


So I ended up in the hospital on thursday and they decided to keep me in (much to my dismay). I was born with a soft heart murmur and have had episodes of SVT (supravetricular tachycardia) my whole life, but only once or twice a year. When I'm pregnant I have them more often but still only once a month or every two months.

The other day I had three in one day.

So I figured someone should look at it, as I never had a Dr look at it before (despite having it my whole life it never really affects me too much so I didn't bother)

The physician said exactly what I already knew - which was that as they are short episodes, always the same, etc etc, they are not a real issue.

He told me that if they keep happening all the time they can give me medication to slow my heart, and will put me on a 48 hr ECG but unless that happens its not necessary.

But man I don't like hospitals anymore.

I used to, I really did. Having them bring you food, lie around watching's totally cool by me!
But this time round I got the one bed without a tv (some crappy sign on the wall said it had been removed for unforeseen circumstances) even though there were plenty of empty rooms they could have put me in, they threw me in the one with no tv and an annoying roommate.

First off, when I first went in they took me into the room where we were the week before Caden died and the Dr who ended up seeing me told me she was at Caden's birth (I have no recollection) so it was a pretty big kick in the guts for me - plus I was alone because I went straight after work without K...

Plus, I dont sleep well away from K.
She left at about 11pm and I sat in the sitting room watching tv for awhile. It was okay, made myself cups of milo intermittently and just watched NCIS and SVU.
Eventually I thought I was tired enough to go to bed, and I think I did fall asleep briefly, but woke up around 1:50am.
After lying there for ages, I got up and got myself something to eat and another cup of milo.
Went back to bed.
Fell asleep briefly.
Woke up again at 3:45am.
Cursed the world.
Fell asleep again.
Got woken up at 6am by the annoying roommate asking for "white bread and a facial towel"
say it with me... "WTF!?!" 6 am, she pulls out her cell phone and starts CHATTING in Vietnamese for AGES. DUDE. HAVE SOME RESPECT. WHen K came in to visit, we went down to the sitting room so we didnt disturb her and it was only 10pm. I was so freaking mad.
I was so tired I dozed off again briefly.
Until her husband came in, and they sat there chatting and SLURPING NOODLES at freaking 7am.
Plus, on top of all that, I could see the room I delivered Caden in from my window (diff floor and wing of the hospital) and there was a light on in the middle of the night - seeing as it was a slow night in the hospital it means more than likely it was another stillbirth (special room) which breaks my heart


Catherine said...

Sorry you had such a bad stay. I have psvt and know what you are going through with it. I have mine a little more often at least once a week, and am on medicine to slow my heart. I know pg can make it worse, that is why I had to stop ttc. I hope that it goes away for you after you have the baby.

Aunt Becky said...

I'm so sorry, my friend. That sounds like an awful experience.

Christine said...

Oh b this is not good. When will they let u out? I want u safe and I want feetie safe but not like this.

k@lakly said...

Dude, you're mixing up hospitals and HOTEL rooms. Hotel Good, Hospital, glad it was something they could say was nothing and that you were out of there pronto. Hope it stays quiet for a while, you need a break.

Luisa said...

Oh man I would love to know what you did in your past life to piss of the gods - you have had a truly craptastic year, cheers to it almost being over.

I'm glad your ok now - I did wonder why you dropped off the face of the earth.

only 22 days to go before a bright new shiny year.

Marie said...

Oh I am so sorry, this was a horrible experience, but I had to giggle at your description of your roommate.

I have MS and get an IV treatment for it once a month at an infusion center. Of the 20 or so patients there, there is invariably one person who has a long, loud conversation on their mobile.

Last month it was a Scots lady talking to a friend who was apparently hard of hearing. And their topic? Constipation.

Be grateful your roommate was speaking Vietnamese. God know what you might have overheard! lol


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