Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Full of The Angry

The past week or so I was pulled into a depressive state...feeling useless and unnecessary and generally not wanted by anyone for anything. Absolutely anything could send me into tears.
Yesterday I felt one of those giant sobs of Caden well up in my chest and I cried for the first time in awhile. Then pushed it away.

And today I find myself full of The Angry.
I am raging at everything and anything.
Lord help you if you get in my way today.

I wish I could calm myself but I can feel the rage fermenting away inside of me like so many grapes in the hot summer sun. I feel for the person who will cop my rage as it spews out of me at some point this afternoon. I pray it's not my boss...


c. said...

I'm full of the angry. Still. The bitter. Still. The heartache. Still. Full of everything but happiness.

Hope you're feeling a bit better and that people managed to stay out of your way.

Pamela Jeanne said...

It must be going around. I went off like a cherry bomb the other day ... seems my fuse is much shorter during this time of year. Just know you're not alone...


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