Friday, February 29, 2008

Caden James


Hayley said...

Beautiful little Angel.
"Fly with the Angels, Dance with the stars"
(Hayley McBayley from Bloop)

Olive Lucy said...

Booke & Kim, thank you for sharing you son with us. I hope that you are able to continue to make things like this to help you on your journey.

Peace, light and love,
Christine Lucy's mom (from baby center)

Gia said...

He's playing with my boys Brooke and they are playing....Love you much
Gia from baby center.

Ashley said...

He's so beautiful. And so the both of all of us...and by so many more angels. Thank you for sharing with us...

(Pj from Babycenter)

Catherine said...

He is absolutely beautiful. I am thinking of you.
Catherine (baby center)

AutumnBrooke said...

What a sweet angel.

AlexandrasMom said...

Caden is so precious! I love all his pictures, so sweet! Thank you for sharing!

Samma & Joy said...

He is beautiful.
absolutely beautiful.
you are in both mine & joy's thoughts & prayers constantly.
you have ab amazing little angel looking over all of you.
*huge hugs*
Samma & Joy.

trufflez11 said...

Brooke, Kim and Rory,
I am so sorry that you have to go through this! Brooke you did an awesome job explaining this all to your son! It sounds like you have a wonderful partner and some great people to help you through this tragic time. May Caden James's light always shine bright in all of your hearts! We are here for you...welcome to a club that no one ever wants to be a member of...but we are happy to have you! Allison and Angel Baby, Lucy from BBC.

Tracee said...

Brooke, Kim, and Rory...Your pain is unimagineable to me. I'm so sorry you are going through this! What a beautiful baby! What beautiful memories these photos will keep! Thank you for sharing your tiny angel with us all, and for sharing the story. You are brave, strong women and I hope time will lessen the pain.

Much love and hugs to you all,
Tracee (from babycenter)

Luisa said...

Brooke and Kim,
Thankyou for sharing your beautiful son with us. Your strength and courage is amazing. The slideshow is beautiful and noone who sees it will ever forget about sweet baby Caden, who looks like such a gentle soul. Look after each other and let us know if there is anything we can do for you. It sounds like you did an awesome job with Rory, I'm sure your honesty and love will help him grieve for his little brother. Much love and warmest thoughts to you and your family.
Luisa & Jamie (babycentre)

Lissa Lane said...

Just me still lurking about. He was BREATHTAKING! Oh my word! Just a beautiful little prince! The picture of him in his little 'bed' with the teddy bear just about did me in

Rest Peacefully in Heaven tonight Caden


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